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I’m Jenn, a 31 year old Infertile who has been married to the other half of Tricky and Peep for 9 years. Brad and I began our journey to parenthood in July 2007, but haven’t had any luck in successful baby-making since the start of our procreation attempts.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with two congenital heart defects and a myriad of heart issues, all of which make it impossible for me to safely carry a pregnancy to term. Currently, we are in the process of pursuing gestational surrogacy in the hopes that we can utilize this option to finally complete our family. For more details of our journey, please visit Our Timeline of Infertility.

If you have any questions about infertility, my infertility, would like to share your journey, or need help finding a support group in your area, please e-mail me at

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